Vitex Capital invests in PadiTech with an aiming to conquer the Japanese technology market

Vitex Capital has officially announced the strategic investment in Paditech – one of the prominent technology companies in App/Games, Web/Server development in Japan and Vietnam. This cooperation will enhance the core strength of the two sides to promote the completion of the comprehensive technology ecosystem for Japanese and Vietnamese businesses paving the way to dominate the world market.

PadiTech was founded by Japanese IT engineers and those who graduated from leading universities in Vietnam with many years of experience living and working in Japan. PadiTech is one of the leading technology companies in outsourcing and developing App/Games, Web/Server, the quality has been verified by US, Japanese and Vietnamese customers.

PadiTech has developed a technology platform with more than 150 projects to help businesses that has solved many classic problems in the process of administration and operation.

Although newly established for nearly 7 years with more than 100 employees in 3 branches in: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo, up to now PadiTech has developed a wide working network with more than 350 customers. These are the leading enterprises in Vietnam and Japan such as Viettel, FPT, Mobifone, CMC Corp, Rakuten, etc… and start-ups.

Strategic investment – reaching international level

Vitex Capital has great insight in investment and strong ability to mentor many Asian tech-startups to develop their projects successfully and guide them in various aspects ranging from strategic planning, fundraising to marketing.

Vitex Capital not only provides finance and important advise but also technical support for PadiTech to implement business ideas. Vitex Capital want to bring all expertise in the marketplace to guide the PadiTech team, help them reach full potential and create the desired revolution as their vision pointed out. “Think big, act small”. In each and every step leading to their official operation of PadiTech in the market, there will be Vitex Capital standing along to encourage and embrace even the obstacles and hiccups along the way. All of them are invented to stay and to continuously thrive no matter what.

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