Vitex Capital has officially invested in the TrustKeys Network for the long-term development strategies.

TrustKeys Network is a project developed by TKBlockchain Company (headquartered in BVI – UK) with the company’s own capital to develop from 2018 to present. 

Construction began on the product in 2018 before was lanched into the market in September 2021. The product is widely recognized by the international community for its pioneering trend of decentralized technology in social networks and the integration of the functions for storing and trading assets in an extremely simple and convenient way.

After completing the basic modules of the ecosystem, TrustKeys Network began to carry out communication activities to introduce this special project to the community and investors. 

In the modern technology 4.0 era, security issues are more urgent than ever. Therefore, TrustKeys Network was born for creating a secure foundation and was constantly improving to bring the best experience for users.

After conducting due diligence activities, Vitex Capital recently officially has invested in the TrustKeys Network’s Blockchain ecosystem project strategic round. We look forward to accompanying TrustKeys Network in the process of developing and developing to become a globally popular Blockchain application platform.

Vitex highly appreciates Trustkeys Network for its product feasibility, clear development roadmap and developed by a team of experienced experts who have developed many other successful projects. Although Truskeys Network has not conducted official communication activities, TrustKeys Network was initially known and widely acknowledge by the international community.

Not only does Vitex Capital invest financially, we also offers an opportunity to approach and invest in TrustKeys for young businesses who want to apply blockchain to their business and management activities in the future.

What is TrustKeys Network? TrustKeys Network Ecosystem in details

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