$DNFT is listed on Pancakeswap and KAIDEX, the #1 DEX on Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain respectively

After the successful IDO, we are pleased to announce the first exchanges of our token $DNFT.

$DNFT has been listed on:

  • Pancakeswap, the #1 AMM-based DEX on Binance Smart Chain, the #2 DEX in the crypto space based on daily trading volume, and the #1 DEX in the crypto space based on daily traffic
  • KAIDEX, the #1 DEX on KardiaChain

>>>Notice: please always trade the genuine $DNFT issued by DareNFT’s team:

BEP20 Smart Contract: 0x162c2332e92be409254ac7c59ad559c16a3f506e

KRC20 Smart Contract0xd8347e9078Ca7F41Ad017fD74B9b6396E6068d9b

After a few hours of being traded, $DNFT has achieved great achievements

✅#1 Trending on Dextool

✅ ATH 85x IDO price

✅$DNFT Telegram reached 120K members

✅$DNFT Twitter reached 110K followers

We would like to say thanks to everyone who have been supporting DareNFT $DNFT. Stay tuned for more big news ahead with our DarePlay and DareFarm

DareNFT is the universal NFT 2.0 protocol for Digital Assets. The mainstream adoption of NFT depends on its ability to wholly reflect the benefits of digital assets. DareNFT has developed a suite of products that solve the current problems of NFT 1.0, which are: Unrecognized benefits between NFTs, Unrecognized relationship between NFT owners, and hidden risks of NFT Ownership. Our first product is DarePlay, the GameFi platform including a blockchain gaming launchpad for non-NFT games, alongside an IGO service and a rent-to-earn & lease-to-earn marketplace for in-game items NFT. We have planned to move further with the derivative content NFT platform after our first product has been completely built and well positioned in the market.

Learn more about DareNFT:

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