Vitex Capital to invest in DareNFT in the Strategic Round to support the vision of NFT 2.0

At DareNFT, we appreciate all investment and contribution, which show a genuine interest and trust in our vision and business philosophy. Today, we are thrilled to announce that we have received the generous investment from Vitex Capital, a venture capital funding group, specifically investing in technology projects, assisting startups not only in Vietnam but all over Asia. We took our pride in this collaboration and can’t help ourselves to announce it today.

Vitex Capital considered DareNFT a pioneer project in building the NFT2.0 platform which for the first time allows rental & subscription model; DareNFT has also proved to be a long-term potential project, and they decided to give financial support to the DareNFT project at our early stages, taking part in mentoring, and assisting DareNFT in connecting with strategic partners. This collaboration has benefited DareNFT in various ways. Not only invested in the project but Vitex Capital also introduced DareNFT to its wide networks of strategic partners, creating opportunities for DareNFT to raise both capital and project awareness.

Vitex Capital is one of the remarkable venture capital funds taking interest in innovative technologies. Thanks to the collaboration with Vitex Capital, DareNFT will have a chance to be in the loop with leading startup projects and meet up with potential partners who are capable of giving both technical and advisory support for DareNFT’s growth. In the future, to achieve our vision of going global and reaching millions of customers, DareNFT would lean towards the network with Vitex Capital as a source of unwaving support to break the new ground of blockchain technology.

Duke Nguyen, CEO of DareNFT, shared his view on the newest partnership of DareNFT: “Vitex Captital with great insight in investment and strong ability to mentor many Asian tech-startups develop their projects successfully, guiding them in various aspects ranging from strategic planning, fundraising to marketing. We also expect to receive the same supportive collaboration from Vitex Capital and build a strategic partnership with Vitex Capital to launch fundraising campaigns and together draw long-term development strategies. Having Vitex Capital as a strategic partner is a foundation for us to thrive. DareNFT will be assured that we have Vitex Capital to consult, to ask advice and to be supported inside out, throughout our current forming phase and even after that, when we develop and sustain our business. We believe tightening the relationship between DareNFT and Vitex Capital is an essential part, contributing to the success of our project in the future. Looking forward to working closer with Vitex Capital!

In the meantime, Vitex Capital’s Chairman, Tony Mai, commented “We’re more than happy to find out the potential of DareNFT and have wisely invested in its future. We saw DareNFT as a very promising project since it applied a revolutionized platform as NFT2.0, using a rental and subscription business model in building a decentralized platform. What attracts us most about this project is its long-term potential; it is using blockchain technology, an innovative technology, in developing its ecosystem and services. We would love to support DareNFT not only financially but technically, by mentoring, advising and facilitating the project in implementing its business idea. We would love to bring all our expertise in the marketplace to guide the DareNFT team, helping them reach its full potential and create the desired revolution as their vision pointed out. Think big, act small. In each and every step leading to their official operation of DareNFT in the market, there would be Vitex Capital standing along to encourage and embrace even the obstacles and hiccups along the way. We believe in DareNFT as much as the power of blockchain technology. All of them are invented to stay and to continuously thrive no matter what.

About Vitex Capital

Vitex Capital is a remarkable venture capital funding group, specifically investing in technology projects, assisting startups not only in Vietnam but all over Asia. Vitex Capital expects future benefits as an investment in the form of a positive return. The return may consist of capital gain and/or investment income, including dividends, interest, rental income etc.

About DareNFT

DareNFT is the world’s first platform for ‘NFT 2.0 for Internet content’ — derivative content NFT. We revolutionize the NFT sector with the definition of NFT 2.0 in which rental and subscription models are applied in NFTs. With DareNFT platform, a song, a book, or a painting can be all tokenized in the form of NFTs and the right of using them for the purpose of remixing, translating, or reproducing respectively can be shared from creators to renters and subscribers. DareNFT is a fair platform that will protect intellectual rights of NFTs while allowing for a using right sharing and revenue stream sharing model among all stakeholders.

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