Vitex Capital to invest in DareNFT in the Strategic Round to support the vision of NFT 2.0

DareNFT has been a very promising project since it applied a revolutionized platform as NFT2.0, used a rental and subscription business model in building the decentralized platform. Vitex Capital will bring all expertise in the marketplace to guide the DareNFT team, help them reach full potential and create the desired revolution as DareNFT’s vision pointed out.

DareNFT is the world’s first platform for ‘NFT 2.0 for Internet content’ — derivative NFT content.  They revolutionizes the NFT sector with the definition of NFT 2.0 in which rental and subscription models are applied in NFTs.

With DareNFT platform, a song, a book, a painting or whatever can be all tokenized in the form of NFTs. The right of using them for the purpose of remixing, translating, or reproducing respectively can be shared from creators to renters and subscribers. DareNFT is a fair platform protecting intellectual rights of NFTs while allowing for a using right sharing and revenue stream sharing model among all stakeholders.

The NFT 2.0 asset class protocol will solve all the weak points of current NFT (NFT 1.0) to expand the NFT market with new features as follows:

  • Track profits for derivative NFTs such as song remixes, book translations, game item creation, etc.
  • Multiple people owning 1 NFTs are agreed by Smartcontract, ensured the interests of all parties involved
  • Bring the NFTs to item rental and rental marketplace. Especially the NFTs game market is hot today, the application is always on DarePlay products. DarePlay is a Marketplace that connects Games and users. Players can buy, sell, rent and lease Game items
  • Backward compatible with NFTs 1.0 on the market

Vitex Capital considers DareNFT a pioneer project in building the NFT2.0 platform which for allows rental and subscription payment model. DareFT has proved to be a potential project in the long term to be given financial support from Vitex in the very early stage. Vitex also participated as a mentor to assist DareNFT in connecting with many strategic partners. 

This collaboration has benefited DareNFT in various ways. Not only invested in the project but Vitex Capital also introduced DareNFT to our wide networks of strategic partners, creating opportunities for DareNFT to raise both capital and project awareness.

Vitex Capital is one of the remarkable venture capital funds taking interest in innovative technologies. Thanks to our collaboration, DareNFT will have a chance to be in the loop with leading startup projects and meet up with potential partners who are capable of giving both technical and advisory support for DareNFT’s growth. In the future, to achieve our vision of going global and reaching millions of customers, DareNFT will rely on the network with Vitex Capital as a source of unwaving support to break the new ground of blockchain technology.

Learn more about DareNFT:

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