Vitex Capital cooperate with Kri to speed up digital transformation and secure information for Japanese users

Start-up is a competitive and risky race, only about 8% survive through the first 3 years. As for Kri, although it has only been established for 1 year, this start-up has made rapid growth steps and the goal is to expand to the global market in 2023. Realizing the potential of this business in line with its values, Vitex Capital has officially invested in the form of share ownership.

Kri is a joint-venture company – a start-up under the Legal Tech group. Kri aims to digitize transactions that are being done on paper, and contribute to the realization of a digital transformation (DX) society, everyone can live with peace of mind.

Within a year since its establishment, Kri has both identified the main goal and continuously developed and improved the system.

Security is the core techinque that Kri has always focused on ince the very first beginning, therefore, Kri aims to be patent a breakthrough encryption/decryption process applied within the system itself, and focus on growing your business with a highly secure electronic signature/electronic contract service.

Vitex Capital will own shares of Kri, Kri will still fully hold its business, keep its brand, personnel, etc. In addition, Vitex Capital will act as a strategic consultant and support to promote operations marketing for Kri.

Accompanying Kri steps forward for Vitex Capital and Kri to help Japanese users digitally transform and secure information as quickly as possible. Vitex Capital is ready for action and trade-offs. Thinking “dare to do”, quick decisions are always the investment fund, this has helped Vitex Capital realize the breakthrough vision of Kri and other partners in the future.

Learn about Kri:

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